EVOO! extra virgin olive oil will do the trick! And it has no additives because EVOO is natural and it's cheap! You can do it on wet or dry hair too! Just take about a fourth of a cup (for medium to long hair add more for longer hair less for shorter) of EVOO and put it in the microwave for about fifteen seconds so that the EVOO gets warm but not hot. Then use your hands to coat your hair in olive oil. Once your hair is dropping in olive oil, put it in a bun and cover with a shower cap (you don't have to wear the shower cap but it helps to keep the oo from evaporating) then wear for as long as you want! When you are in the shower you can ether cleanse your hair with a sulfate free silicone free shampoo or just rinse out bit don't add any conditioner or else your hair will get too greasy!!! You can add a little (I mean a little) bit of leave in condish if you want if you are planning to not wash your hair for a while and your done!!!