Thank you Curry Curls and Kilajo for your replies!

I will trim around the beginning of April (trying to going for the moon phase method) so maybe it'll sort it out.

I don't know if the hairs are straight from root to end, it's never happened before, so I'm surprised! The straighter ones have the full - real - length of my hair, so I guess there's no curl at all in them so no shrinkage to pull them up.

The shorter ones, have a bit of curl, that's why they don't look long but they stick out, they don't clump up.

Maybe, as well as the trim, I should also change leave-in for a while. I'm using Boots curling creme right now (gift from my boyfriend who's in the UK! ) - which I looooooooove - but maybe my hair needs something softer, like the Pantene I normally use.

I'll keep you posted on any changes! I'm also thinking of mixing my regular gel with a little bit of aloe vera gel...wonder if it'll help...
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