First, I had go and pass my hypersensitivity gene to my child.

Then, I had to try to unsuccessfully teach that hypersensitive child to navigate the social waters of life as a short male.

Now, I have to face trying to help him understand why, at the young age of 19, he is already starting to notice hair loss...when I have a huge, dense mane of hair, so does my husband, so do both of my parents. His dad, didn't start to lose his hair until his late 30s early 40s, IIRC. It's possible that his hairline is just receding some...but it's really a moot point. He's terrified and obsessing and it's already pushing him further back into the corner of introversion he's already in because of his short stature.

I'm not going to insult his intelligence by trying to convince him that the world doesn't care...because he and I both know it does. The world couldn't WAIT to start reminding him how short he is (as early as the 3rd grade).

I've already suggested that he see someone to help him deal with his self-esteem issues...he's not having it.

It's so f**cking difficult to watch your child have to struggle through these kinds of things. They're not life-threatening or physically painful for them, so everyone else has a cavalier "get over it" attitude; but the profound psychological effects on their lives are just as disabling--sometimes more. Knowing your child feels too inferior and self-conscious to sometimes perform basic tasks in life is heart-wrenching for a parent. Especially when he inherited the inability to cope well from me...his dad is short but has a "f**k you if you have a problem with it; you don't pay my bills!" attitude about life.

Sigh...when does life stop being so difficult for some of us? At the moment death?
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