Well, I've given up on the GoW Castile Cleanser. I'll be sticking with the Earthscience cleanser I posted about earlier.

Stick with me, this is relevant... I use a prescription AHA cream on my face each night. If I'm lazy the next day and put off washing my face, it eventually makes my eyes sting a little. The stinging stops as soon as I wash my face.

This afternoon, despite vigorously washing my face with GoW in the morning, my eyes were still stinging from the AHA. And my face was gunky, oily, and generally unpleasant to the touch. In other words, the GoW wasn't really cleaning my face.

I then used Earthscience, and my face finally felt more like skin than gunk. But it still took repeated washing and scrubbing to really clean my face. The combination of GoW residue, sebum, and AHA cream really stuck to my skin. It got to the point where I was a little freaked out by the difficulty of removing it.

And that's why I definitely won't be using the GoW again, even as a body wash. But I'm still happy with the Earthscience. It cleans thoroughly, but is ever-so-slightly moisturizing in a way that doesn't exacerbate oiliness. It's like an incredibly light application of aloe gel. Hopefully it won't sucker punch me with some kind of weird skin disaster.