Try adding a little glycerin to your FSG or okra gel (1/4 teaspoon per batch to start with), and maybe use a little strong hold gel over it, or blend in 3 tablespoons strong-hold gel with 3/4 cup FSG. That might be a good compromise?
Thickeners are also a good thing to work with. Arrowroot or corn starch makes the FSG a little crunchy/more hold. Xanthan gum can make it quite thick and viscous and have medium or better hold and great clumpage. 50-50 xanthan and guar gum is also good. Pectin (for sugar-free jams) works nicely too.
You can use aloe juice if your hair likes it for part of the water, or herbal tea for making your gels.
Protein makes FSG very curl enhancing if your hair likes that (Neutral Protein FIller from Sally's is superb).
I'm always trying new things.

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