Besides determining your curl pattern, have you determined you hair properties (texture, porosity, elasticity, and density)? Knowing those helps immensely with choosing hair products and routines that work for your hair. But even with that, taking note of how my hair is behaving with different products and in different situations helped me. Early on after going naturally curly I started keeping a hair diary (hair products used, ingredients in products, routines tried, dew points, what kind of a hair day I'm having [i.e. good, bad, so-so], how many days in between washes, etc.) and that really helped me zero in on what was working and what wasn't, especially on what ingredients in products my hair did/didn't like and what routines work/didn't work. It helped me know if I should try big changes from what I was doing or just tweak certain aspects.

I know that you've been at this for a year, but if you're still having this much trouble, perhaps it would help to read the hair education section at Live Curly Live Free - Home. I found it pretty clear and concise and very helpful.

3b / Fine / Low (to Med) Density / Normal Porosity & Elasticity

Currently Using [*Holy Grails*]
Cleansers: DC No-Poo / DC Low-Poo / *BaSo & ACV*
Co-Washes/ROs: CJ Beauticurls Argan & OO / DC OneC / Organicals DC Creme
Additives: *Silk Amino Acids* / Honeyquat / Fragrance Oils
LIs (found some!): KCKT / CJ Beauticurls LI / CJ Curl Assurance Smoothing Daily Condish
DTs: *Coconut Oil* rinses / *Honey*, EVOO, & DC OneC / CJ Curl Rehab
Sealer: *DM Super Buttercreme*

Goal: APL Hair