Curl Pattern: 2c/3a
Texture: coarse
Porosity: med-high
Density: thick
Elasticity: normal-high
Characteristics: flat top/no root curl, hard to straighten, easily weighed down

[B]CG/ModCG/not CG: trying to become cg! (have to finish my cone condish)

Hair ingredient likes: ?
Hair ingredient dislikes: ?

Hard/Soft Water: hard

HG/Go-to Products: gel! I like set me up but I want to try lalsg

Average climate/dew points: ?

Fall/Winter combos:
Spring/Summer combos:

[B]Favorite styling techniques scrunch scrunch scrunch!
[B]Techniques that didn’t work and why:clumping because it looks horrible on my hair! And sometimes plopping because it gives me frizz

Hair Twins: