Thanks for clarifying. Other that vegetable & hydrolyzed wheat protein, I wasn't sure what other types of proteins are out there. This can be so frustrating sometimes.

Oyin handmade and Shea moisture do contain proteins. Be aware that there are natural sources of protein. Coconut oil, avocado oil, Wheat germ oil, hemp seed oil all are huge sources of protein. Go to and look at the information about each oil. You can also look up any oil you are interested in individually on google. Finding products with no protein in non-natural products is easy because you just look for key words like "protein" "hydrolyzed" etc. In natural products, it requires a bit of knowledge in order to choose because you have to know which ingredients are natural sources of protein. The natural ones are less potent because they are not specifically designed for the hair shaft however, if your hair is VERY sensitive like mine, then you should be careful about the protein regardless of the source.

Hope this helps
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