I am still small (see the "Not Showing Enough" thread), but my belly has grown considerably. I teach 5th graders who notice everything from a new pair of pants to the way you part you hair. I am almost 19 weeks now and I wanted to tell the students all at once so I didn't keep getting questioned. So far, I have told them basically that it's not really their business.

When I told my principal a few weeks ago that I am expecting, she told me not to tell anyone my personal business until I am ready and that she would keep my secret until I want to tell. At that point, I didn't care if other teachers knew or not, but I asked for them to not tell the students. I went to the principal today (this may have been a mistake) to let her know that I was going to tell students who ask that yes, I am going to have a baby.

She told me that I am NEVER to tell students that I am pregnant in any way. I told her several students have already asked. She told me to respond with, "It's personal and not your business." She said she doesn't want to open that can of worms and she knows she will receive nasty phone calls from parents wanting to know why a teacher told their child inappropriate and unprofessional things at school. Then, she commented that you really can't even tell I'm pregnant because my hips (I always had a smaller waist and wide hips/big butt) camouflage my belly. This is the third time she has brought up my hips and it makes me feel really uncomfortable. The other two times have been in much more lengthy, detailed conversations telling me how skinny she was before having her twins and comparing my body to hers. That is a conversation I think should be shared with friends only.

I should let it go, but this whole situation really irritates me. I know it's not discrimination and not really illegal, but it annoys me. My husband says I should just let this be, but it really irritates me. I was so close to telling her that her comments about my hips are very unprofessional and inappropriate. I only have eight more weeks until this school year is over, but it seems like more and more things are getting to me lately.

Am I wrong to feel irritated? Should I just do what she says and get over it? Is telling students you are expecting a baby inappropriate, especially if they are already asking?