Hello I am a newbie here and am very excited to find this forum. People dont understand curly hair unless you have it!

I believe I am 3a curly.

I didnt start wearing my hair curly until I was out of highschool. I hated curly hair but I just didnt know how to style it. In the beginning I used your typical mousse then I switched to herbal essance gel. I would use a tube of gel in about a week/ week in a half. If I didnt use a ton of gel to the point it was stiff and crunchy it would frizz out. After using gel for years I found a new product by beyond zone, 3 in 1 scrunch spray. It gives me the stiff crunchy curls. Im starting to realize that my hair really doesnt look good stiff, not to mention Im totally killing my hair! Its so dry!

Im wondering if Ive killed my hair so much with alcohol that it cant be smooth, silky, shiny, and springy.

Ive tried kenya cream product before but the first time I used it I used too much and it looked greasy and weighed down. The second time I used the product I used less and my hair completely frizzed out.

I live in western PA so the summers are very humid. I am looking for a product that can withstand humidity with out frizzing out but can also give me silky bouncy curls.

Does anyone have any suggestions?