You are going to have to tell eventually. Why not ask the principal why she feels that way? When are you due? Is she worried because of backlash from needing a sub for so long while you're in maternity leave? I ask because this was an issue when my DD was in fourth grade.

ETA. It wasn't an issue for me but was for a lot of other parents. One of the 4th grade teachers (not hers) was pregnant and her maternity leave was 3 months in the middle of the school year. In that time her class had 2 or 3 substitutes. A lot of parents complained that it was hard on their kids. I don't know. I'm not going to tell a woman when she can or can't have a baby. It would have been a non-issue at most other jobs. I'm wondering if this is something your principal has experienced before.

Whatever her reasoning she is being inappropriate with you. I agree that talking to a union rep might be the best way to proceed.

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