I just bought this at Walmart today. I've never seen it before, but of course I have to swoop it up! The second thing I did was come on here and see if there's any news on here about it yet.

I am pretty surprised at how big this is! I didn't see the vava voom one, but I am def. going to keep my eye out for it.

I still miss the old curl gel (the blue bottle) I have gone through a few bottle of the nutracurl (green bottle) that is supposed to have replaced, and it's OK, but I still like the old one better. I was thinking of picking up the "polished" one (I think it is the purple one) and see if it's closer to the old curl gel.
3b/corkicelli, color treated, loves moisture, s-wavies on top, tight cork screws underneath and on the sides
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Modified CG, on hard/well water