Steph, thanks for posting this!!! I am SO bummed about my beloved Garniers being reformulated! Ugh! Last night I went to four stores trying to stock up on old formulas of S&S and TN, and everywhere I went, the new versions were on the shelf. This happened so fast!!! Like a thief in the night!! I am kind of hoping the old ones will start to show up in Big Lots maybe in the next month or two, that would be sweet.

Anyway, I am definitely going to purchase the Renpures, I totally trust your review! One question, how is the scent?? I normally actually love fragranced products, but that other Renpure, the parched hair one in the red bottles, gag, the scent!!!! I seriously can't stand the way that smells, I normally don't have adverse reactions to products, but I hate that stuff! I am crossing my fingers that these new formulations are bearable!!

Editing to add I just looked at their website, and if you can't find this on the ground, they have free shipping this month on orders over $18, nice!!

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