I spent most of my life living in the US, and when I lived there most of the hairstylists that I saw seemed to be women (and sometimes men) over 30 or 35ish who had a career in beauty.

Seven years ago, I moved to the UK, and it seems that hairstylists here tend to usually be in their 20s. It seems like it is not something that people do for a lifetime career. (Maybe there are some excellent career stylists who charge loads of money in super-posh salons in London, but I am talking about the typical local salon.)

While many of them do a good job, I feel that these 20-somethings can't really relate to the issues that over 40s have with hair:

If I let my hair grow long, will it drag my face down? If I get a short cut, will it make my face look too harsh?

Will a fringe/bangs, hide the lines around my eyes or emphasise them?

I wonder if a 20-something understands the difference, emotionally, between colouring your hair because you want a change and colouring your hair because you don't feel comfortable going out in public with your greys showing.

I'm curious what others experiences have been.