I got the Kera Straight done aprox. 2 weeks ago. First I will mention that I have tried the Brazilian Blowout, and the Express treatment from Coppola. All were professionally done.
Now, Kera Straight, is the absolute worse I have experienced out of all. It has left my hair feeling dry and brittle. The smell is horrible. It smelled bad after the service and continues to smell bad during and after washing my hair. I don't know what "type" of hair I have, but I can go about 8 weeks between relaxers. I was attempting to ease my way out of relaxers with the KS Intensive. I don't see that happening. Even after conditioning, the hair still feels harsh.
I did not, I repeat did not, have this experience with either the Brazilian or the Coppola. The cost difference $179 is not worth it. I'd rather pay $250 for the Brazilian. It is true that you cannot smell the Kera Straight, like you can the Brazilian upon application, but you smell it AFTER application. I feel like my hair is damaged. It's breaking off and just feels and smells awful. Could it be the application...possibly. But, like I said, I had it done at Ulta and I would hope their people know what they're doing.