susancnw, this is from CBS, so I don't know if you acknowledge its credibility, but this report says you are wrong.

Is Obama really spending and regulating more?
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I'm glad you posted this. I knew what she had written was wrong, but I didn't have time to track down anything to prove my point back when I first read her post.

It is a conservative stratagem to LIE outright, straight from Karl Rove's playbook. They do this because they know:
  1. very few people will check their facts, and even if they do …
  2. studies show generally people will continue to believe oft-repeated lies even after they've been thoroughly debunked. Finally …
  3. the more a lie is repeated, the more it is believed because each time the lie is repeated and then proven false, it is cemented in the general public's consciousness as truth.
Bottom line: it's human nature and conservatives exploit it.

This is not a case where both sides do it. Liberals don't tend to do this, whereas conservatives quite frequently do, see Fox News, Sarah Palin's death panels, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Also, this:

has led and authorized more spending faster than all the other presidents in the history of this nation combined.
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is so breathtakingly untrue, anyone with any common sense could realize it without requiring reports or news articles to back it up. All other presidents combined? Come on, now.

Of course, now we've repeated her words here, which will only lend credibility to them [see above].

We need more critical thinking skills in this country if we're ever going to survive the conservative onslaught.


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Yes, what you wrote is unbelievable, because it's simply not true. Good call.

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