It depends on where your curls start (ear length=no problem, root curl may be iffy). On the up side, I have had hair that short many times and it is super simple to style and very easy to remove curl if you need to (a quick blow dry with a flat brush will have you out the door in under 5 minutes). You have to worry less about damage since you will get regular cuts to keep the shape up. On the down side, you have less options for styling and the grow out is awful.
FIA: 2b-c/f/i, normal porosity/elasticity I think?

Current favs:
lo-poo: Giovanni
Co-Wash: V05 Kiwi Lime
RO: CJ Beauticurls,
LI: Ouidad Botanical Boost
PT/DT: Emergencee, Biolage Condish Balm
Stylers: LALSG, Aussome Volume Gel