I don't think you're wrong, I wouldn't go through with the swap if I were you. She's not proving herself to be trustworthy. If it were me, I'd be worrying the whole time if the products were really as she'd represented them to be, or if they were older, more used, not as fresh, etc. It would be more trouble than it's worth.

Plus I'd be insulted that she implied I didn't know enough about the products to know how much they cost. Does she think you're too ignorant (or lazy) to do a little research before deciding to swap? That's what I'd think, anyway.

I'd just have such a bad feeling about the transaction after her trying to charge the same price for 5 items as she was charging for 6, I wouldn't want to complete it.

(I kind of want to know who this person is, I feel like I want to be forwarned myself!)

Good luck!
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