I'm completely at a loss here. My hair is just about BSL when stretched, and my goal is BSL curly. I have fine, color-treated (read: porous :[ ), 3b hair with probably 1" of virgin roots at this point and I'm just lost on what to do. I dream of having big sexy long curls, but at this point with all the knots in my hair and subsequent damage from constantly battling them (and split ends) I feel like it's unattainable!!!

I have been cowashing every other day and using leave-in conditioner. I've been light on the gel lately, though. I usually bun it at night, or pineapple it.

Would getting some kind of smoothing/texturizing/what-have-you treatment help me at all? I just want something that is temporary, but also will loosen my texture a bit so it doesn't just coil into itself constantly and tie itself into knots. I'm serious, my hair ties itself into knots as it dries! However I still LOVE it so I don't want to give it up forever.

I welcome any suggestions you have... let me know if I left out any pertinent info! Thank you!
type 3a/b, baby fine to medium, normal to high porosity except the canopy which is high.
recently chopped off about 4" - HOW LIBERATING!!! Learning to love my hair again instead of hating it for being a knotty mess.