You're a little late boo boo, me, turtles, and some others are fanatics

But seriously, when they first put the pics of the cast on on one of the magazine sites, the comment section was full of what your co-workers said. I was like what part of the book did you not understand? Some were saying she was supposed to look like Prim ( huh?--Katniss said she REMINDED her of Prim), some were trying to take the easy way out and say they thought she may be Hispanic or Indian. What about Cato from her district? I bet with all my money that they had no problem thinking Cato was a black!
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Rue was pretty obviously black. I'm not sure how people would miss that.

The only casting issue I had was that I thought Kravitz was a bit old (hot as he is) for Cinna. Seeing a clip of him and Katniss changed my mind on that one.

I still wonder if the Seam folks are Melungeons.

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Well, I always thought Cinna was a "serious gay man" lol. It's hard to see Lenny in that role, so we will have to see what the chemistry is like throughout the movie.
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I've taken to telling folks to read the last paragraph of page 45. It's cleared most folks up of their ridiculousness. Lol