Obviously we would need to know more for a definite diagnosis. But what I said was my opinion, based on what I have studied. And I certainly am not going to disagree that IMO this is also a racism issue, but I just think that the more info that comes out, the more we will find in Zimmerman's closet. If they ever arrest him.

All I was saying is, someone can be racist and mentally ill.

But honestly, if someone shouldn't label him as a psychopath because it's too soon to tell, isn't it too soon to tell if he is racist? The 911 tape of the alleged slur hasn't yet been deciphered, right?
We really won't know until it all plays out, so either way we are all speculating...
Originally Posted by artemis513

And I said my opinion was that I couldn't make that call. I never said in ANY of my posts that others shouldn't label him as anything. I specifically asked if you ladies thought he was really a psychopath or not and I was looking for actual answers. As I mentioned sometimes people use terms like "insane", "psycho", "psychotic", "nuts", etc to convey the irritation with how a person is acting or has acted. You answered why you said it and I gave why I couldn't. It wasn't any sort of condemnation of what you said at all...because I just don't know one way or the other. I didn't major in Psychology like you did..I majored in Sociology. And frankly, in college I was and still am MUCH more interested in Comparative Religions and should have majored in that..not minored in it.

I think Zimmerman had racist views because of the neighborhood account of him going from door to door asking about "young black guys that don't look like they belong". I'm not sure how else it is for me to take that..besides that it is a racist view. Not to mention it seemed on the 911 tape he got very over zealous about following this young black guy once he realized that he was indeed black. So from that aspect..I don't need to listen to a tape of him saying "effin c**ns" to comprehend..sure he had some racist views about black guys. But maybe that's a wrong view to have ? Maybe I'm being to emotional about the racial aspect ? IDK.
Originally Posted by *Marah*
Marah, it seems like you are saying that because I wrote about psychopathic behavior that I am saying that he is not racist. And this is frankly not the case. I am saying that his behavior is racist (racism being a sociological construct, which I know you know) but he could also be motivated by other factors (psychology) in addition to having a racist perspective.

Like you said, you asked me why I said what I said, and I told you and gave my reason. I also clarified that the social construct of "psycho" and the clinical "psychopath" term that I used are not the same and gave a link to a brief article to give further clarification. I posted the link in addition to one section because there is much more to it than just the piece that I quoted. To me it is a no-brainer that racism is involved here, but there is more to it, just like with most hate crimes. I just don't believe that someone does something just because they are racist. That is too broad a reason for my mind to work with. There's always something more.

If you want to only look at the racist aspect that's cool, but I don't automatically think that way, so I'll just have to shift gears.
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