*Sigh* Artemis.. You gave me an answer of why you said what you did in reguards to my general question about if this guy is a psychopath. I was absolutely fine with your reply and still am. It's obvious to me that you thought he was a darn racist because of what you said in your inital post before we even got into this psycho discussion hence why I ONLY asked for clarification on if any of the ladies here thought he was a real psychopath because of how people often use the word very "loosely". If someone says another is racist..they usually mean just that..so wasn't a need for me to question it.

I'm not trying to be rude or disrespectful but please don't look for some sort of problem that you think I have with you or anything you've stated when I haven't stated such. There is none otherwise I would have simply said so directly. I take no issue with you or what you have conveyed on this matter. None at all. I appreciate your reply to my question and that's really all I wanted from anyone that wished to chime in. My words about Zimmerman are just MY opinion. It wasn't given to refute what anyone else says or thinks about him nor was it to change any thoughts about him or the situation.
Originally Posted by *Marah*
I guess for me, had you said that in your initial reply to my post, I wouldn't have felt some kind of way about your response. I read it a few times before I did the reply because it did seem to me like you were looking for another answer that would suit. But I do appreciate you clarifying it now. Thank you.
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