"I like white hair. I don't have the nerve to let mine go yet, but I think it looks good on people with a warm complexion." - ninja dog

On me it certainly doesn't, and I'm warm. I know, I even tried on various grey and white wigs, all with different percentages of white in dark hair, all the way up to all white. ALL of them looked dreadful - they ALL washed me out something terrible! That's when I decided for sure that the bottle would be in present and future too. Before that, when I actually had less grey in my hair than I do now, I was toying with the idea of growing it out. I never made it past 3 months though, SEVERAL times of trying too.
In general, those people who had dark hair and warm complexions often have the hardest time going grey because of this, and they often go back to coloring and look and feel a LOT better. A recent case of this is my sister-in-law, who is fair but warm, let her hair go grey for awhile, even cutting it short to get rid of the blondish color she had it colored at the time. But after awhile of living with the grey, she just felt old and recolored it a beautiful coppery strawberry blonde that looks completely lovely on her and livens up her fair warm complexion(she has lovely even-toned skin at age 64 too). To each their own!