I used to love LALSG but it stopped working for me. I now avoid glycerin. I use LA Looks Power Spikes. Hold is 12 (harder than LALSG), it's glycerin free but does have protein. I don't like it alone but I mix it with either AIF or HESMU and I get hold, shine and little frizz.

Only bad thing about it is the smell. It's a manly scent. Don't care for it but I've gotten used to it. When mixed, it quickly fades. I like the smell of LALSG much better!
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I have had the same issues lately. Lately I have been switching between the AIF and BRHG or the LALPS. I always add a little bit of oil in the gel to keep from having the drying effects. I need a lot of hold and this has been really working for me. I also use the SM Curling Souffle (which I adore) with a little bit of PS or BRHG for added hold. Seems to be working.