race yesterday was beyond awesome!!!! ... I can't stop smiling. There were 9500 people in the race I was in, the 8K. The weather was absolutely perfect, which I was really concerned about because it was supposed to rain. Instead, the clouds cleared off and it was gorgeous! The atmosphere was sooo festive. Runners and spectators alike were dressed up in their St. Patty's finery, and spectators lined the street and boardwalk holding signs, ringing bells, cheering everyone on and giving high 5's as you ran past. From my 1st stride to my last, I felt good. I immediately got into a good groove, didn't tire too badly and maintained a good breathing rhythm which I sometimes have trouble with.

My time was the best I'd ever done 5 miles in, and with all the weaving in and out due to the large number of runners, I was really happy about that. There were 7 of us, including DH, and we all felt enormously successful.

This was the 1st race I'd ever done...
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Congrats! I'm glad your first race went so well

Mine was derailed by heat - I went out too aggressively for the 70 degree weather and just crapped out after 9 miles. Average pace for the first half: 8:34. Average pace for the second half: 9:27. Oops.

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