Yea she knows but she still thinks we should go.

As of now I'm 88.7% sure I'm not gonna go but I think I should tell him I'm not going instead of just not show up. Idk what to say. And I'm mad my sister doesn't wanna help me! I gotta do all the communicating.

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Originally Posted by CocoT
You don't have to go but you can go by the funeral home and sign the book (that is the easy way out, I do it all the time). As far as your father, I wouldn't bother calling him back but if he persists just let him know unfortuntely we won't be able to make it....keep it nasty nice and no details as to why y'all not coming. At this point y'all grown and while its sad him momma has passed, y'all didn't know her. I say run on by the funeral home and sign the book.

OAN - Why is signing the book so important? My momma always wants me to go sign her name in the book for people she knows.

vIa tHiS rAgEdY aSs pHoNe
Originally Posted by Chicago Kinks
My momma does this too. That and she'll call me and tell me to send flowers. Why I got to send seperate flowers when you already have sent flowers that say from the ___ family?!?

CocoT...I'd just go on ahead and tell your father exactly why you are not coming. No need to keep beating around the bush and having to go through this everytime someone in his family dies. Let him know that his trifflingness as a man, father, and human being is the reason why you don't know your own grandmother. You refuse to continue to expend the emotional energy to go to a funeral when you are not recieved by family because of his actions. I'm not saying you have to go ALL the way there (the man did just lose his momma) but I wouldn't beat around the bush and him and haw about it either.

I take it that at this point you and your sister have no interest in developing a relationship with your father or any of his family (which is your right) so you might as well call an ace an ace and a spade a spade.
Originally Posted by Nappy_curly_crown

You know what, I'm just gon put my big girl panties on and tell him I ain't coming.

Thanks for your input ladies!
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