Hmm..wonder who gave Bobby Brown's sister a few dollars to say that ? She needs to stop...I bet she had no idea what was going on in Whitney's life.

Given, I wouldn't be surprised if Ray J does dabble in drugs. Probably just be puffing away on some Either way... Whitney was grown..she made her own choices. It's a darn shame though that her use of drugs cut her life short. I just hope Bobby Kristina learns some valuable life lessons from this and doesn't go down the same path. She told Oprah she wants to act, sing, and dance..that she wishes to carry on her mother's legacy So clearly she wanna be famous..
Originally Posted by *Marah*
I watched that interview and mannnn that poor girl there...

What id really like to know is why didn't Cissy come back with Bobbi Kris after the funeral at least for a few days. Its not like Cissy is busy hell, the girl just lost her momma and in the interview she says she was in the house by herself (which we now know isn't totally true since she is "playing house" with the unadopted brother) but as a grandmother don't you come and support your grandchild who just lost her momma?

I also wanna know since Whitney did have cocaine and she used it relatively close to the time she died where is the paper or baggy it was in...wasn't no residue on the counter and no signs of any dope. Pat and her brother gots some explaining to do if Whitney took a hit (or 2) right before getting in the tub...there is some type of paper or baggy...drug dealers don't pour powder cocaine into your hand. Whitney had a drug problem yes but that's evidence tampering if they took the dope out before paramedics could get there. Either way its sad...she could sing her ass off too.

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Originally Posted by Chicago Kinks
That was the FIRST thing that ran through my mind when I heard the offical cause of death. Because Pat and the brother SWEAR they were lock stp with Whitney right up until she went to take that bath so I'd assume they witnessed that last hit or particiapted in that last hit with her. Either way there is bout to be some smoke in the city.....and I'm pretty sure all these folks that were with her in her final days are going to turn on each other and start pointing fingers real soon.
Originally Posted by Nappy_curly_crown
That's what I'm wondering. At first, it was thought that she simply mixed the Xanax and alcohol and then drowned. Where did the coke come from? Not that anyone would be surprised that she did any, but did she do it minutes before she went in that tub? The day before? If she'd done it a day or two before away from the hotel, that would explain why there wouldn't be traces of it in the room, but it would have still been in her system. Now I have to wonder if Pat, her brother or even Bobbi Kris were in denial the whole time, because something about it dosen't jive.
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