I think Pat and Gary knew what was up with Whitney. Probably Pat more so than Gary. Because Pat was always up underneath Whitney. Hell I knew who Pat was many YEARS ago because she was always with Whit at shows and events. Pat was with Whitney when she was at that club the night before for Kelly Price's thing. Kelly Price said Whit was drinking like a damn fish (not her words mine..cause she tried to clean it up during the interview). Pat was the one that was like.. "Okay it's time to go" when that stuff broke out between Whitney and that wanna be celeb chick that Whit had to tell "Get the eff up out my face". And Whit was acting like that because she was drunk as a damn skunk and had probably took a few hits of the weed and was feeling crunked.

These people kill me with this act they put on after someone dies in these drug situations. Like the hell they didn't know...man please. Pat knew damn well Whit hadn't left the drugs alone. Hell she probably was smoking weed and drinking right with her.. but she just wasn't far into all the stuff Whit got into with the popping pills and snortin' yeyo.

The autopsy showed that Whit was a long time cocaine user. I don't believe Whitney EVER got fully clean. Fully clean means no drinking, smoking, or drugging period. I think there were times when she tried to clean up her act some but was probably still drinking and smoking. And they all knew it. But honestly... what can you do. We all know Whit had a bit of a temper and nobody couldn't tell her nuthing when she got in her way.

I think the ONLY one that didn't know it was Cissy Houston. I bet even Bobbi Kristina knew something...cause she definitely know about drinking, smoking and drugging. I seen the pics.
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You think Cissy didn't know? I think Cissy knew but didn't know(or didn't want to know) how bad or deep Whitney was into drugs and stuff but she KNEW deep down in the back of her head. I think it was one of those instances where she wanted so badly to believe that her child would get better that she made herself believe it was everything that it wasn't.

I know this has got to be hard for her.
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I'm with you. Cissy herself has stated that she'd known for a long time that Whitney wouldn't live long, which indicates to me that she knew. She may not have wanted to believe that it was that bad, but she knew.
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