So I've spent the last few days searching two different counties for the new Renpure conditioners (the third county is scheduled for tomorrow when I'm out there- I travel a lot for work and choir). I cannot tell you how many bottles of old GFTN I've found. I've walked away from no less than 15 of the large bottles just this week. (I picked up two extra bottles and refuse to buy anymore just on general principal). But, no luck on the Renpure Organics yet. I found one store that theoretically carries it, and their shelves were stocked full of the keratin line, and they had the argan deep conditioners, but there was a big gaping hole on the shelf where the argan shampoo and conditioner were supposed to be. Ugh!! They offered to take my name and call me when it come in, but I guess in the meantime I'll just keep looking. Hopefully they get it soon- they're even running a sale on Renpure for the rest of the month- $2 off!

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