I'm really wanting to try a sidecut (like an undercut but just on one side, in front of my ear I think). Right now I'm pinning the side of my hair back to see if I can still stand it (and like it) by the time my next hair appointment rolls around (in mid to late April).

I'd like to see some inspiration for curly sidecuts! Either yours, your buddy's (with their permission of course), or random google searched pics - I just want to see some for inspiration to bring to my stylist (I'm a 3b to c range hair... depending on the day).

And yes, I do realize growout is a b*tch. That's why I'm giving myself a month of wearing the faux version to decide whether I can live with this on a more permanent basis.

This is a more straight version of the cut, in case someone's confused as to what I'm talking about.