Ya'll. Ya'll. *talks really slow* did you all know that DMX has 10 kids by 6 baby mamas?

da hell? Who were/are these women? Who in da fawk spread their legs for DMX--- THEN let him skeet skeet? There are so many questions and not enough time. The real reason I brought this up was due to this clip:

'Couples Therapy' Premiere: DMX Fights With Tashera Over Infidelity, Says He Never Wanted To Marry (VIDEO)

Ya'll we need to do a prayer circle for Tashera. Because she has to be mentally ill or so broken down to think that she deserves this mess.
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She doesn't need a prayer circle she needs a full round of STD and HIV tests cause all those babies means he is raw dogging it allllll da damn time.

vIa tHiS rAgEdY aSs pHoNe
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Ugh. I remember he came to my campus and this chick hopped right up in his ride with no shame. From that day forward anytime I saw her on campus, I gave her the look of yuck.
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I took my daughter to see Usher, B5 and Kany West several yrs back and he was sitting right next my daughter and I didn't even know who he was. He ain't even man size, he is a serious light weight. Short and skinny uhhhh nawl. Now, this...raw dogging these women left and right.

vIa tHiS rAgEdY aSs pHoNe
**sophisticated ignorance, I type my cuss words in cursive**

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