I don't understand these women having all these babies. This day in age is it really necessary to have more than 3 kids? Children are a blessing I am a firm believer of that but if done right raising children is expensive and they require so much of you and your time. Unless you are a farmer I just don't see the point of 5, 6 and 7+ kids.

Back in the day I understand it was the norm to have 5-13 kids but nowdays come on.

I also don't understand these women who have babies by a man who already has 5+ kids by 4 women. What are these women trying to prove by giving a man who already has his own little league team more kids? Do they really expect him to stick around, provide financially and raise kids #6,7 and 8. Do they even think about kids 1 thru 5?
Originally Posted by Chicago Kinks
Exactly. But some women do it thinking he'll treat their kids better than he treated kids 1-5. Then they wonder why he ends up showing his ass again when he neglects their kids. I speak from experience cause it happened with my BFF as well as my sister.
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