thank you everyone

kilajo: is it normal for them to be really lethargic? he wont drink anything. i tried to force it but he screamed pushing the cup away. when he was awake his eyes were barely open. he cant keep them
open. hes woken up a couple times and went right back to sleep. he seems to be exhausted. part of me wants to take him to the er now but if this is all normal for pneumonia then i dont want to over react
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Ok...keep in mind that I am a minimalist (partially because I work in a doctor's office and see people overreact all the time).

If you took your baby in already and they have him on antibiotics, they usually take about 24 to 48 hrs to start working. Until then, all you can do is manage his symptoms. Fever reducer. Keep him hydrated. He will be tired, his body is fighting and needs all of his energy reserves for that fight, so he won't be running around. If his fever won't come down even with a fever reducer - worry. If he is unresponsive - worry. Try giving him spoonfuls of water or pedialyte to keep him hydrated, like 1 tbsp every 10-20 mins. If he won't take that and he isn't having any wet diapers - worry.

Now don't get me wrong, worrying is not bad. I have my own kids, and truth is even though I know all of this, I worry when my kids are sick. If you have a doctors office that has an on call service, try calling them for advice before you take him in. They can sometimes give you advice and little tips to keep yourself sane. But the ER is for emergencies and if he is already being treated, the ER won't do anything but take up your time and theirs, and potentially expose you to more serious stuff(eww).

Hugs to you and your baby.
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nothing was accomplished there. we were there what felt like forever they did the same thing the drs office did and said keep him on his antibiotic gave him motrin and discharged us next time ill know
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Aww...I wish I had caught you before you went. He will improve over time. Just give him as much mommylove as possible. And do what everyone here has been saying. But I stand by what I said. Things to worry about : Fever not going down with meds, no wet diapers(means he's dehydrated), unresponsive. Just hang in there. You'll do fine, but unfortunately you're probably in for a long night. And it probably won't be the last time. That's the hard part of being a parent, seeing your kids suffer. Sorry.
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