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kilajo: is it normal for them to be really lethargic? he wont drink anything. i tried to force it but he screamed pushing the cup away. when he was awake his eyes were barely open. he cant keep them
open. hes woken up a couple times and went right back to sleep. he seems to be exhausted. part of me wants to take him to the er now but if this is all normal for pneumonia then i dont want to over react
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My son got like that when he was severely dehydrated. I would err on the side of caution and take him to the er if hes not drinking anything. He may need fluids through an IV.

eta just caught up on posts. You can also alternate bw tylenol and motrin so he can take meds sooner than the 6 hours for each. Just run it by your doctor first. I know what your going through and it's very stressful but the little ones are a lot stronger than they look. Also 102 is certainly high but my son's got to 104 with his recent pneumonia and he's fine now. Just be sure to give him plenty fluids and try pedialyte if he's not eating.

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