1tsp = 5ml. Depending on the syringe, it can look like a little or alot. But when they say a tsp, they don't mean pull one out of the drawer. You should have a dispenser of some sort, most of the time it comes with a little cup, but I like the syringe the pharmacy gives you. I wash them out and use them for other meds cause 3ml of tylenol and 3ml of amoxicillin still equals 3ml. But give him how much the hospital say to. They have the dosage down to his exact weight, whereas the box has no idea how much he weighs and gives you a general idea. Not giving him enough is just like not giving him any. Hopefully with his fever down, he'll sleep so you can sleep.
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that may of been the difference, i used the cup that came w the motrin and they had a syringe, i have a syringe from his tylenol i am gonna use that next time he cam drink it that way easier too. they didnt tell me how much to give him though. hes just using what we got from the drug store early this morning. i think im gonna give him tylenol at 12 and alternate.my mother in law suggested altering between the two every 4-6 hrs what i wish i had was somethin to stop his nose from running. it is non stop
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