Ugggh just tried a salon off of the My Deva Curl stylist finder, the exact stylist listed was not who I saw, but that was how I found my last GREAT stylist (recently moved- hence, need new hair stylist).

Right in downtown Wakefield- Mars Attracts- AVOID

The girl I got was nice, but did not handle curly hair well at ALL. She was trained in the Deva method, but she was using her own method to cut curly hair. I gave it a whirl thinking she would keep to the deva principles with some tweaking.

Boy was I wrong! She washed my hair first, then did your basic comb straight and snip. Dried my hair, and did some odd dry cuts(which i think was her 'interpreting' the curly style) but still, on dry hair, combed it out and sniped!

Had to wash and style my hair as soon as I got home. Learned my lesson, should have walked out as soon as she said she did not do an exact deva method.
Hair Type: 3A, low porosity.
: Deva No-poo, weekly: Lush Squeaky Green shampoo bar.
Condish:Rotating, constant- Deva One Condish, current- Say Yes to Cuc
DT: GVP Conditioning Balm
Styling: Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine oil, sealed with DEP lv 10 gel.

I'm a total product junkie and LOVE trying new products every time!

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