Welcome, raindear.

Your hair sounds just like mine. I've never successfully used a hair dryer... Why do so many people like them?? ha ha.

Do you deep condition? I try to do this once a week, to give my hair more shine and manageability. I use gels and mouses too to define my hair, and coat it lightly with an oil to give it shine.

It I let my hair dry in a braid and coat it with a little oil or hair spray (CG friendly, of coarse), I can let it down and experience wavy hair. Yours is much too short right now, but you could do a few braids instead, or try a wrap.

I hope this helps. Welcome. There is plenty of information here for a person willing to look and learn! Glad to have you.
3B ; BSL; Low Porosity; Med Texture; CG since July '10.
Clean: Ever Sleek
Treat: EVCO, Neutrogena 3xMoisture
Tools: Boar Brush, wide tooth comb
Styler: Garnier Sleek&Shine