I think your pace sounds awesome! I usually average about 10:30-11:00, but the average in my last mile was 9:46...I couldn't believe it!! Were you running a half or full? I'd like to do some 10K's, but am not sure I'm cut out for a half. I think I could probably do it with a run/walk technique...maybe run 2 miles, walk a minute or 2...but I'm really not sure. I'm also not sure I really want to, except I'd love to rock that 13.1 sticker...lol! I just started running last july as a way to get fit and healthy, and I have to be somewhat careful because at my age (54) things squeak and creak and take longer to resolve. I've gotten to the point where everything feels pretty good right now. I used to have a LOT of hip pain, but that has gotten much better in the last 2 or 3 months.

When is your next race? I've got a couple of 5K's lined up, one of which is a mud run/obstacle course...have I lost my mind or what?? Also thinking about doing another 8K in May.
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I was doing a half marathon. You could totally do one if you wanted to, just work up to it slowly. It seems intimidating, but it's something that's really achievable for most runners, particularly if you just want to run it, not race it.

I have no idea what races I'm going to do next! I think I'm going to stick to shorter races like 5k and 10k this summer and try to work on my speed before I think about the longer distances again.

That, or my husband and I are considering being crazy and signing up for the Goofy challenge at Disney World in January, which means running a half marathon on Saturday then the full marathon on Sunday