Most Giovanni products do have tons of protein in them. The Giovanni 50:50 is one of the few that don't though.

Did you know that Tressame Natural conditioner has isopropyl alcohol in it? For this reason it dries my hair out horribly which is why I can't use it. Even in minute amounts, isopropyl alcohol is my hair's enemy. Your hair could be reacting to the alcohol as well. Just a thought...
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Wow, thanks for the tips. I never quite know which are the bad alcohols but you are absolutely right. It might not be the aloe at all.

I can totally relate to the protein sensitivity you described upthread. I think my hair likes protein every now and then but if I don't get good moisture in my hair, protein starts to build up and I get straw. I'll try the Giovanni and see if if helps. Thanks.
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Like BS/ACV rinses, limit protein/humectants.