Thank you for all the kind words.

Since I started using this new system, I have already seen the back of my head separating into little curls. The top and front had been "trained" into the wavy bang for so long that I was beginning to wonder whether it had any curl at all, or that wave pattern was all I had there. Now, though it is finally beginning to show some curl formation and definition. It is fairly loose, but it is beginning to show.

Since I have no heat or chemical damage, I hadn't really thought too much about PTs or DTs, but I recognize that I really ought to do these, so I will be on the look out for some to incorporate into my new regimen.

Checking with the Deva Curl site, I found a few stylists in Las Vegas. Now, I have to decide whether I want to consult with one now, or wait til I really feel the need for a cut/trim.
Be Happy!


Experimenting with too many products to name here. All this great info keeps my head spinning.