I thought I would share my year-long experience with keratin treatments in the hope that it's informative for those researching these products and that I may get some helpful input from girls who have the same problem as me.

I am middle eastern and started out with fine, curly (3b) virgin hair that is prone to breaking. With stubbornly curly roots and way too much volume near the scalp (and tons of breakage toward the middle), my hair has been a nuisance all my life.

My hair was wash-and-go hair air dried with a bit of leave-in cream conditioner and some Aveda gel.

A year ago I had a Global Keratin Hair Taming treatment (regular strength) done. This loosened my curls and imparted some silkiness and manageability. The results, however, lasted just two weeks.

The salon re-did the treatment at no cost to me. The effects of the second treatment lasted 3 months. But the result was BEAUTIFUL. It changed my hair texture to super shiny and manageable with more memory. The curls were big and loose and voluminous. People would comment on how amazing my hair looks - friends and strangers alike.

Of course, after 3 months when the results faded I was disappointed because I enjoyed how fabulous it was. So I wanted a third treatment pronto.

Around this time there was all that hype about formaldehyde. Yeah I was scared, but the results were so pretty that I figured I'd do this treatment for one year only and be OK.

This time I decided to try the Brazillian Blowout (regular kind) because I heard it had more formaldehyde and at the time I thought it would work even better.

Brazillian Blowout is washed out of your hair the same day. I did not like the effects of this treatment on my hair. It wasn't as strong as Global Keratin and did not loosen my hair as much. There was quite a bit of frizz too. I was very disappointed.

A month later I had my FOURTH Global Keratin Hair Taming treatment. This time I had the "Resistant" kind, to make my results last longer.

Here's where it gets ugly....

The fourth treatment with the resistant kind made my hair fairly straight and frizz free. I didn't mind the look BUT my hair was no longer shiney and silky like it was the first two times I did it. On the contrary, all the chemical treatments and flat ironing over the past 6 months had killed my hair and made it dull, lifeless and even more prone to breaking.

I no longer got compliments on my hair, which is the best way to evaluate if your hair is looking good or not - are people telling you it looks good??

A few months past and now my curly roots were growing in. The problem was that all those keratin treatment had piled up and permanently straightened the lower parts. So now I had a curly root, straight shaft problem.

To alleviate this, I had a fifth Global Keratin treatment with the Resistant formula again. I went to a different stylist this time who seriously messed up my hair. She flat ironed some parts too many times and permanently straighted some parts from root to tip.

It has been 4 months now. My curly roots are approx 2.5 inches in length. I have multitextured hair. Some pieces are DEAD straight and do not curl or wave no matter what I do. Other pieces are curly curly curly.

One hair dresser looked at me and said "I don't know what's going on with your hair."

I regret doing this treatment. I had a good run the first two times, but obviously more than 2 was too much for my hair.

I don't want to chop it off to start over as I hate short hair. My lifestyle also does not allow me to blowdry or flat iron it straight daily until it grows out.

So I continue to style as always - cream + gel + air dry - and pull it back with a clip once completely dry.

This sucks.