Aaah! I just scheduled a consultation with a stylist at a local salon for next Wednesday, and I couldn't be more nervous!! I haven't had my hair cut "professionally" for 4 or 5 years... I've just been doing it myself. But now that my hair is longer (I had a super short pixie cut for the longest time that I maintained myself... pics are in my album) I really think I need some help with shaping. I've been growing it out for about a year and a half and have only done spot trimming, so I'm sure she's going to have to lop off some split ends. Obviously I want her to cut off as little as possible but I know there's going to be quite a bit coming off, so I'm trying to prepare myself for that. (At least I'm used to a super short cut so even if it's awful I can still handle it!) Ugh my thinking is awful... preparing for the worst!

Someone calm me down and give me some pointers! I've already decided to let her use the salon's products (sulfates and cones :x ) and just wash it out when I'm ready to wash again. In a review somewhere it said she did point cutting, so I'll see what I can get her to agree to... hopefully she'll be up for dry cutting too.

I was also thinking about taking in a picture of myself with shorter hair to show her how much it shrinks. Hopefully it'll scare the bajesus out of her and she'll mind her scissors!

Any other ideas?
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