and would like to add some more. Since then I have been working on curlies, learning everything I can, and have become an Advanced Deva inspired stylist.

In my chair I want you to tell me if you want your hair cut to your natural curl pattern, or to a specific style. Know that if you want it cut to a specific style it will require more styling skills and upkeep. There are some times that you can have a little of both so let's discuss it, but remember the more elaborate the style, the less natural it is.

Let's talk length. When discussing length, I need to know whether you enhance or elongate your curls when styling. If I cut one "c" dry it will react one "c". How short or long it "looks" depends on on styling.

Let's talk shape. The bulk or weight of a haircut has to be somewhere. Bottom, middle, or top. This is somewhat dictated by how much hair you have and how long you want it.. Where do you want the most volume. For instance, if you have bsl, fine hair there is only so much root lift I can give you before your bottom gets stringy. Thick hair needs weight in the length in order to lay it down.

I love, love,love cutting curly hair, and dry cutting has opened up so many options for us to finally love our curls. I want us to have the same language so you can have realistic expectations and enjoy having your hair done. I love having educated customers, who know what they want and then making it happen.
Hope this helps,
3a/3b coarse and thick.....big and red

Advanced Deva inspired Stylist