Ok, so turns out he didn't really break up with me. He becomes distant, annoyed with everything I do and IMO tuned out of the relationship for 2 weeks. We stop having sex. We have plans to hang out last Friday and Sat and he doesn't respond to me at all and in fact I don't hear a thing from him until Sat night when *I* call him. I assume I am getting dumped.

Last night we have a talk, he admits to being tuned out and says if i want to date him I am going to have to get used to it. His job and the move are causing a lot of stress on him and behaving any other way would be disingenuous. He also claims to not be an emotional or affectionate guy and that this is just how he is.

What happened to the sweet, sensitive, lovey guy I dated for the first 2 months??? He existed! I don't buy that hooey.

Sigh, this is the last time I date someone who makes a lot of money and has a career oriented mindset. This isn't the kind of relationship I want.
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Bail out.