I do think the tide is changing. The ABC video was from 3-4 years ago and I know that that blog post was from at least 2-3 years ago (but probably a little more).

It's hard to know for certain, but I think curly hair is making a comeback. Take the year's biggest movie, The Hunger Games: even though Katniss is supposed to have dead-straight hair, they gave the actress natural-looking waves for her "makeover." Rue had natural hair, even though disappointingly the girl had hers' realxed in real life (the actress, not the character). Even "Glimmer" -- the blonde girl meant to be a major object of affection for the lead and pompous male had curly/wavy hair for her interviews. And these were meant to be moments where these characters looked their absolute best.

If you take a look at this promotional image, only "Foxface" seems to have less-than-2b/c hair, but it's still a far cry from dead-straight:

The Hunger Games

And, again, these actors and actresses are meant to be up-and-coming stars in one of the biggest franchises of the next few years.

I also seem to see waves and curls more and more in fashion magazine and beauty spreads. This is all anecdotal, but I wouldn't be surprised if flat-ironed hair isn't becoming a little passe because it is so unnatural-looking.

Flat-out curls might still be a ways off, but I do think that we're definitely coming past the flat-iron years and back into a place of a little more wave-and-curl acceptance when it comes to attractiveness.