Sheilacurl and everyone else, I'm so sorry that you're dealing with this, too! I turned 40 a few months back, and my grey roots are driving me nuts. I used to be able to extend my color visits to every ten weeks at the salon, but now it seems like the greys are popping in after just about three weeks.

CurliLocks, I know I've asked you about RC color before, but would love more input. Is it safe to use if I already have dye on my hair? Is it easy to do on your own? I'm afraid that I'll end up with green hair if I try it myself!
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Yes, RC Color is safe to use over other brands (but not henna). It is easy to do on your own, it mixes to a mousse foam. You won't get green hair! LMK which swatches match your natural color, dyed color, and what you'd like, and I can help you choose a color too.

Remember to always choose a couple of shades lighter than you think you want, as most haircolor goes darker on curly hair.

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