i'm monica and have been natural since i was 17 (now 33). it's been a struggle to accept my kinks, coils, spirals, and waves (think i have all types on my head but mainly 3C/4A). just now learning about my hair and how to care for it. i'm tired of being lazy about my curly head!

because i never knew what to do with curly hair: i've shaved it all off for a few years, i've only worn puffs for a few years, did the wig thing, and for the past four worn nothing but two-strand twists.

the most difficult thing for me to deal with has been the pressure to straighten my hair from other people. like straight hair would solve all the world's problems. it's ridiculous. my four-year old niece is even getting the straight is right propaganda from her daycare! the poor girl has started to pull out her beautiful curls.

hopefully, i can learn a lot from this site that will help me and her.