Lets see after wearing wigs, braids and weaves for the past 5 years the "go natural" light bulb FINALLY went off in my head February 26, 2012 and I just did the BIG CHOP in my mama's kitchen this past Sunday, March 25 (my son's 24th birthday)

I am over the moon about my decison and ready to enjoy this journey. I am also OVER-whelmed by all the available products and have been purchasing TOO many items to try out (I have eliminated items along the way)

I have not visited a salon and have about 1.5 inches of hair to work with right now. I have NOT worn my hair out yet (wig) because I have NEVER learned or had to do my own hair and after watching so many youtube videos I am still clueless as to whose technique to follow until I get my own regime going - LOL I believe I am a 3c/4 if there was a VERY COARSE code that would be ME.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you as you are sharing yours with me. In the meantime ALL the help you can give a sista is needed and appreciated. Thanks!