Lots of hair experiments yesterday. Started with IAgirl's PT, first time I tried it and I must say, it seems even stronger than Emergencee and at a fraction of the price!

While that was sitting on my head, I made 3 types of FSG: One with gelatin (thanks again IAgirl!), one with aloe gel and honey, and one my usual plain receipe (just in case I hate the other 2), all with a bit of grapefruit oil for scent (yum). I am testing out the aloe one today and the curls are nice and bouncy and I have volume but I have a bit of frizz (it's also rainy but with low dews, go figure how to work that one...) and hair is a bit dry (although I did not do a ton of conditioning after the PT and did nothing this AM except rinse and use the aloe fsg and a gel, so it deserves a few more tries).

My bf thinks I am crazy on the nights I do my hair experiments, so of course I heard "why did you just spend that long on your hair??" But hey, it's better than buying tons of stuff and satisfies my PJ heart for a little while.
FIA: 2b-c/f/i, normal porosity/elasticity I think?

Current favs:
lo-poo: Giovanni
Co-Wash: V05 Kiwi Lime
RO: CJ Beauticurls,
LI: Ouidad Botanical Boost
PT/DT: Emergencee, Biolage Condish Balm
Stylers: LALSG, Aussome Volume Gel