I thought I'd update. If there was any doubt about the negative effect PSF's foaming cleanser had on my skin, there isn't anymore. My skin has cleared up and I really like DY's AHA cleanser. I will say that I'm going to get the rose hip oil cleanser, though, which seems to be like the AHA without the glycolic acid. I went a bit overboard in trying to clear my skin with BHA. Combined with the AHA, I dried up my skin pretty good. Should I overdo it again, I want to have a gentler cleanser (the AHA cleanser doesn't leave my skin tight or anything, but if you've dried up your skin like I did, it's not the best option).
So, a thumbs up on Diana Yvonne's AHA cleanser and I'm sure the rose hip oil cleanser works very well also. I'll post on it once I have it.